Lynx Shade

Lynx Shade.A unique and....Intersting...Furre.Lynx is 600 years old(at least) though he isn't fully sure of his true age. He has mastered the dark arts,and is a powerful necromancer,though he fights for the side of good. Always quick to snuggle,he is a cuddle slut the likes of which the furcadian world has never seen. He loves his wife Illiyanna with all of his heart and soul,and would never let her go. What else can be said about Lynx?Yiffy?Ya damned skippy. Funny?Not really,but he tries to be.He works for STIPPERS as a special events manager,and as a bouncer. He works as a twink sniper at Cool Cat Cafe,and owns and co-manages Club Dragon.More?What do you mean more?Hell no!No more! :p