Oooooh! Stuff! (Yeah!) These are all the spiffy sparklies that I occasionally fiddle with. Feel free to poke around, but don't poke too hard or I might have to release some senseless violence on your unsuspecting manicure!


It's sad how much time we have on our hands sometimes. For instance we had enough spare time and enough dragons on staff at my other job at ~STIPPERS~ to get a draggy line up.

Watering down the drinks? I don't know what you're talking about! There's no water cooler behind me and Levi! You must be imagining things…. >.>

Okay…I know it's for charity and all…But this was the WORST (and only :p ) fortune teller I have ever been to. I thought they were supposed to tell the future? Well this one told me my past! That's Little.Miss.Naughty in there with me, probably trying as hard as I was not to laugh! :p