Spacestation Iepatus

Welcome to the Spacestation Iepatus temporary home page.

This is the temporary page,to list the rules,staff,and charatered ships until the standard webpage is finished.


1.) Original futuristic characters only.This means ~NO~ medievil knights or ninja or whatnot. This also means ORIGINAL characters.If you rip off a moive or anime, you are not going to be allowed to stay. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2.) There is to be no unsanctioned combat on the station. This means no fighting at all. Our security officers reserve the right to confiscate weapons ICly, and place furres under arrest and place them into a holding cell until they feel the furre has served their time.

3.) There is ~NO~ yiffing. Violating this rule can result in a permenant ban. Kissing and hugging is allowed, but once it involves the removal of clothing, then take it off the station or to a private, chartered ship.

4.) Respect everyone within the dream. We quite honestly do not tolerate hostility or insults aimed at other furres. Even IC, this can be quite serious, so be careful and be respectful.

Captain Blackpaw Foxx: Station Commander
Leuitenant Vixen Foxx: Second in Command, Cheif Medical Officer
Leuitenant Terry Fox: Cheif of Security
Leuitenant Selina Fox: Cheif Mechanic
Shopkeeper Brickenridge: Spacesuit Shop Keeper

Chartered Ships:
CFS Predator, Captain: Blackpaw Foxx
FVS Weatherlight, Captain: Unknown