Current Members

This is a list of our Current Members:

Lynx Shade

Lynx Shade is the Clan leader and Osusuki
(or High Temple Guardian) of the Kitsune
Clan.A high Celestial Kitsune of 9 tails,
he rules the clan justly and with a kind
heart,though should one cross him,his
wrath is terrible to behold.With his silver fur
shining and golden eyes ablaze,he is a
kitsune to fear and love.His mastery
of all the elements makes him a fearsome
foe,but he prefers not to fight,and to settle
things in a more political manner.But
should he be pressed,he will not hesitate
to deal out swift retribution.Lynx holds
the Celestial position on the Kitsune


Hikari Morgana Shade

Hikari is Lynx's daughter.A child born of
a kitsune and a 5000 year old vampire,
Hikari has great power,though she
is usually content to cause a little chaos
and look as innocent as possible
after the smoke clears.The Akomachi
(low temple guardian) of the Kitsune Clan,
Hikary merits respect few of her age get.


Gidget Blackpaw

Gidget was the first official member,though
through Lynx's stupidity (Heh) he forgot
to add her to this list(SORRY!) and now
she's on where she belongs.Kind and sweet
she is a furre that is easy to like and always
a joy to have arround


Aysha isn't quite family,but as far as Lynx
is concerned she is.She is a wonderful
furre,though a little violent and quiet
at times.


Patches Tomodachi

Pink puppy,the self anointed jester of the
clan,can be quite a nuisance at times.
But he is also a very reliable furre and
always trying to make others smile.
He is a proud member of the clan and liked
by all.Even Lynx....though the Osusuki
would never admit it or let it show.

Koryo Kiko

Koryo is Lynx's Ga-Doman,or Body Guard
roughly translated.She is hard and cold
but a meer kit where Lynx is concerned.
This furre has a smart mouth and never misses
a chacne to use it.Koryo holds the Spirit
position on the Kitsune Council.


(Description pending)



(Description pending)



Honorary Clan Members

This section is for furres who have done the
clan great services,and thus earned their
place amongst us as honorary members
of the clan.


First on our list is The Mint Mink.

This furre is responsible for the awesome
temple that houses our clan.And for
this,she has earned an honored place
amongst us.


Marcus Blackdog

Marcus is the person who provided us
with the lovely kimono patch that we
use in our dream.With a little editing
we have the patch we are now using.But
his hard work and allowing us to use it
in our temple has earned her an honored
place among the kitsune.Marcus also
is the person who provided us with the
new Kitsune Clan logo.



Felorin.jpg (9379 bytes)

Next on the list is Felorin,who is just
plain special,and has made an
announcement over his channel about
the clan when the temple.Thanks again!

Finnaly,we have Rydia who has decided
to write na article about us.This honor
has earned her a special place in our temple.


Member information will be posted as it
is gained.And when I have time to update.