Okay,it's that time again!TIME FOR MORE FURRY RANDOMNESS!
For no apparant reason, I bring up the stupidity of newbies. I was RPing in a place I have gone to for years last night, and some freaking newbie starts a fight with himself.I mean ~WITH~ himself. He got an alt on just to fight and kill his own character. Then of course he turns the killer loose on the rest of us. My character took his friend way out into the middle of the woods, far away, and yet this twink thinks he can find his way ~RIGHT~ to where we are like it's some easy thing. Okay people, what do we all say?


Anyways, let's see now...What else can I gripe about? Oooh,ooh,ooh! I got a PS2 thanks to a good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless *COUGHCRISCOUGH* heh,heh,heh.... THANKS BRO! This has given me something to do on those long boring days when no one is in the clan and I have to wonder why I bothered to upload.

*deet deet deet deet*....And in other furry news....I've actually gotten a GM for my spacestation RP. So if you're into futuristic stuff, and want to come take a peek at the insanity of ourselves, we're called Spacestation Iepatus and we're looking for staff. More shameless self promotion,I know, but hey!It's my page, I'll say what I want! When you get your own page, you can say anything you want about whatever you want! SO THERE! :P

Well, that's all for this broadcasting day.Time for this little kitsune to go play some Breath of Fire III.You don't like it?You want more? WELL TOO BAD! You can wait till my next update! LATERS!


Shit.This means I actually have to write something....DAMNIT!...lol
Okay, let's get this over with.

Yes, it's time to dust off that old box of kittens! We got our new kitty, Isis. She's a pretty little Blue Point Siamese, and we'll have pictures of her as soon as they become available. So that means you can hold your damned horses till we get em! So there!

Well, it's that time of year again, and all I can say is WTF!?!?! Or as my wife will attest "Nani?!?!?" Unfortunately it's time for my birthday yet again. Woo! The big twenty three. Whoop dee fucking do. I'm already old enough to drink. What does 23 make? Oh well. Another year means more toys for me. So any of you who want to make a nice little birthday contribution, feel free! Support the Get the Kitsune Some New Anime Fund! Or GTKSNAF. I was going to think of some clever acrnonym for it, but meh...I got distracted.

Um...What's the date? o.o;

Anyways...Out of sheer boredom, I am now putting
here my random news and thoughts. Don't ask me why
because I'm not really sure myself.

Anyways, for the first article....STARFOX!
Nintendo has recently announced the release of
the sequal to Starfox Adventures, late last year.
Now if any of you are as crazy about this game
as I am, you can't wait to see what miscief Fox gets into
next. But until then, here's a little video game humor
for you to enjoy..

Now wasn't that worth comign all the way down here?
If you liked that, you can see more at

In other random news....THE SIMS! Yes, soon TKC will
have random anthropomorphic (furry) skins posted here!
With the assistance of several people, a project has
gone underway to produce a variety of skins for the
popular god-game, The Sims. Watch here for information
as it becomes available.

Well,that's all for now.This little kitusne is signing off.