These are the rules for the Collegium. Please respect them as you would the rules anywhere else or as you would expect people to respect the rules in your dream.


1.> First and foremost, there is absolutely posatively, ~NO~ personal insults or attacks against other players. Anyone found verbally abusing other players in the dream will be removed, and if the problem is harsh enough, a ban will be put in place. Please respect everyone arround you.

2.> Characters wishing to play in the dream must conform to the continuity. No characters with guns, or characters with futuristic clothing. Characters do not have to be valdemar specific, but at the very least, please keep them medievil.

3.> Please, please, PLEASE keep OOC commets to a bare minimum if you are in a group, and completely to whisper if you are not. People found posting excessive OOC on the main chat will be asked once to stop. If it continues, then it will come to an ejection. Further infractions will call for a temporary ban. When the temporary ban is over, if the behaviour is continued, it will turn to a permenant ban.


The rules are fairly simple....There's only three after all. Please follow them.

As for rules on character creation, anyone wishing to make a character that is not familiar with the continuity, please read the FAQ. We do not take applications for council positions or teachers, or any real position of "power" so please do not ask. If you proove to be capable enough, will will ask you to come on as a teach or other such role. Full heralds and healers and bards, etc are permited. But not the high up positions.