Todd Cloud


Vulpis Anthropomorphis

Aquatic Green



182 lbs

Freedom,wandering freely,cute girls

Royal duties,the nickname "Princy"

"Don't call me PRINCY!"

Todd is the prince of the vulpine(fox) people,though he hates his royal responsibilities.If he had his way he would spend his time wandering the world,exploring.Blackpaw is an acomplished swordsman,and a good hand to hand combatant,though he prefers to party rather than fight.The nickname Blackpaw was given to him by his father when he was a child.Todd's lower arms and lower legs are covered in black fur,and thus was given the name Blackpaw.Todd's parents died when he was very young,so he has been alone most of his life.But that doesn't stop him,nor does he let his royal duties get in the way of his having as much fun as he can..