1. The World We Play In

The world this game is set in is a medevil one.The world is ruled by humanoid animals or Anthromorphs.Any animal is allowed.Thre are certain rules for dragons,so please contact us if you wish to play a dragon character.Also if you wish to play Royalty,please contact us before introducing the character as royalty.This is to make it fair to all playing.Submit your character and story for them to us and we will reveiw it and if it is fitting to the world,we will alow it.If you are turned down,please don't take offense.There are several reasons you could have been turned down,and if you need to don't hesitate to ask.We have designated the main room to be used for this is Anthros. This is so people can come in and play the Furry RPG with others.If you wish to create a private room for a private RPG then by all means please do.But for general RPing please use Anthros.

2.All Characters MUST be anthromorphic

This is a furry RP.Thus the chars must be furry.This isn't descrimination against those who want to play humans.But they have their places on WOC.Anthros is ours.

3. Spells & Combat

Spells are going to be based off of a level system.Each spell on the list has next to it a level.The higher the level the longer the casting time.A level 1 spell would b able to be cast immeadiately.A level 2 spell would require one post of chargeing, forcing you to give your opponent an extra move.Then on the second turn you can cast the spell.And so it increases with the spell level.The level of the spell also gauges the ammount of damage/effectivness the spell has.A level 1 spell being the weakest would be a small ammount of damage,and the level 6 spells being the most powerful and taking the longest to cast,doing masssive ammounts of damage.
Combat is turn based.You post an attack/action and then you MUST wait for your opponent to make their attack/action before you may attack or move again. This is done so that people can all have an equal chance to attack and dodge.

4. Common Curtesy

Since this is new,please show some common curtesy,and actually RP with people.People coming in here just to fight and be jerks will NOT be met with a warm welcome.And interact with people. Don't just sit there like a bump on a log.

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