Blackpaw Productions Furry RPG Staff:

Todd Fox McCloud

"Hey.I'm Todd,or as many of you have come to know me,Blackpaw.I've been playing furries for years,and I thought it was about time that there was a room dedicated to a furry RPG on WOC. I worked hard,so I hope you enjoy it.And if not...I'll kick yer sorry asses so hard you'll kiss the moon!*L* Live fast,die young,and leave a blast crater where your enemies used to be."

Kayne Wong

Sabrina Montelth

"hrmm just put. hiya! im sabrina and im new to the furry world! um whatever i say here is going to sound wierd and you probably already are thinking "headcase" anyways COME PLAY WITH ME!! hehe ill love you forever!"

Tonya Hix

"Hi I am JadeWolf aka Tonya or Hotaru. I will figure out something else to put on when I can think straight *LOL*"

Alanna "The Alcoholic Pixie" Piche

"Hey there..I'm Alanna, and you'll see me in Anthros as Kadala (more chars to come). Take a look around the site, then come join us! I'm an addict of roleplaying, and have roleplayed furres before in places like Furcadia, and Furry MUCK. Come on...what do you got to lose? Perhaps....your real life.... Mwahahaha! *teehees and flutters away*"

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