The World Of Anthros

The world of Anthros is one similar,yet adversly different to our own.In our world we,humans,are the survivors.But the "Overlanders"(humans) on Anthros are all extinct.Wiped out centuries ago during a great war when the animals evolved and man became fearful of them.The ruins of their greatest city still survives.But the humans are all gone.The animals have come to evolve and rule the planet.The different species live together and wage war on one another in a world all their own.This is the world of Anthros.What follows is a breif description of their world.

Here is a basic breakdown of the known territories:

Thalkos:This is where the brunt of the RP has taken place so far.It is the kingdom of the fox people,ruled by Prince Todd Cloud(Blackpaw).It is a forested land,with lakes and rivers.

Jurai:Jurai is the kingdom of the general feline populace.It is wooded area with few mountains.

Seito:This is the kingdom of the wolf people.It is currently ruled by the evil malevolent brother of Jade Wolf.It is a moderatrely forested area.

The Floating Island:This is the home of the Avian races of Anthros.The island quite litterally floats in the sky,held up by some unknown power.It is a sparse jungle climate.

Rath:The home of the Draconians,Rath is inhospitible to almost all life.Only the Draconians and the Volcanic subspecies of Chrisosphinx live there.It is a volcanic island,covered in lava beds and volcanic gysers.(Those wishing to play a Draconian,please contact Todd Via our e-mail.)

Matoamores:This is a lightly forested plains,which is populated mostly by the Ferens(Cheetah folk).It is ruled by Slade Swiftpaw.It has some mountains in it,and one or two main large lakes.

Vantos:This is the orient of Antrhos.It is covered in bamboo thickets and sparse jungle,and some lightly forested areas.It is populated by various species of Anthromorphs.

The Zone:This is an area of dead magic.No magic works in this place.IT is lightly forested and partially plains.

Haven:This island is a peaceful place.Where all are welcome.War is not an issue in this land.For all the races agreed  that this is the one place that no one shall be allowed to fight.Weapons are not permitted here.

Overlander Ruins:These are the remenants of the Overlander(human) society. It is nothing more than a ghost town.None live here.The island is one large city. The land is desolate and dead.

The Reverse World:This place is the focus of strange magics.The magical feilds here have polarized and caused a gravometric distortion.The city here is built both above and below ground.For once you cross below the surface,the gravity is reversed.Thus the city beneath the surface is a mirror of the one above.

What follows is a breif description of the wild life of Anthros.

The Chrisosphinx:The Chrisosphinx makes up the bulk of Anthros wildlife.There are seversal species of Chrisosphinx.What follows is a basic Chrisosphinx body structuring study,and several species of Chrisosphinx.


This is the Forest Chrisosphinx.
Forest Chisosphinx2
Forest Chrisosphinx3

This is the Desert Chrisosphinx
Desert Chrisosphinx2

This is the Field Chrisosphinx

The Snowy Forest Tundra Chrisosphinx

This is the Jungle Chrisosphinx.
Jungle Chrisosphinx2
Jungle Chrisosphinx3

This is the Mountain Chrisosphinx.

This is the Plains Chrisosphinx

This is the Savana Chisosphinx

This is a Swamp Chrisosphinx
Swamp Chrisoshpinx2

This is the Arctic Tundra Chrisosphinx
Arctic Tundra Chrisosphinx2
Arctic Tundra Chrisosphinx3
Arctic Tundra Chrisosphinx4

This is a Volcanic Chisosphinx

And Finally,this is a Woods Chrisosphinx
Woods Chrisosphinx2

This is a Thickets Chrisosphinx

If you have an idea for a species of animal,or a new sub species of Chrisosphinx please feel free to e-mail it to us for consideration. Blackpaw