Kitsune Clan Links

The Kitsune Page

This is the main page the Kitsune Clan uses to gain it's information and set the base rules for the clan.It is a good idea to print of the information or keep this page in your bookmarks for quick and easy referance. Keep in mind
that the information presented on this page is ~NOT~ the
exact same information that is presented on our page.It is the basics we used to create ours, however our page has more legend specific rules to it, as Lynx is a lore major, and has studied kitsune for years. If you have questions
that are not answered here or on this page, ask Lynx.



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This is of course the wonderful community we all love and enjoy.If you just surfed onto this page or have been directed by a friend,come check us out!


Talzhemir's Treasure Trove

There are plenty of toys and fun little things here from our favorite little goofball Talzhemir!


FURRE! Magazine

This is the online furcadian magazine that Rydia is writing the article for.Check it out.They have lots of great stuff.


Rydia's Furcadia Page

This is Rydia's page.She has lots of cool furc stuff on here.


More to come as we gain more pages.