Kitsune Clan

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This page is to give you
general information on the
Kitsune Clan dream and
other general Clan info.



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This is where the dream is uploaded.
In the imaginarum,near the Bardic Circle.
If you know where the Wolfden Caverns
are then you'll have no problems finding it.

This is the clan's chartered spot, and where it will
~ALWAYS~ be uploaded. Any dream that does not exist
within this dream is either a fake or another clan. We were
the first and we will be here fora long time.

Charter information can be found at the Furcadia charted guilds site

The dream itself was made by The Mint Mink
and is one of a kind.Don't ask for the patch
because you won't get it,but if you're nice
she may make you one.Theft of the patch
will result in instant banning,and lawsuit
for copywrite infringement.

The white fox emblam is compliments of
Wolf Moore(Marcus BlackDog).He has graciously
created it for us to use as our clan
symbol.Thanks again Wolf!


General Kitsune Clan Info

For the most part we are a very peaceful
and kind clan.We do not permit any
fighting or displays of public vulgarity
within the temple walls.Both of these
actions will result in imeadiate banning.

The leaders are Lynx Shade and Kit Shuken-Idou
and they are the ones who review and
deal with all applications and other dream
aspects.Lynx runs the bot and puts up
the dream.


Click here to see what Rydia had to say
about the dream


If you have any other questions,be sure
to ask Lynx or Kit for help.