Kitsune Clan Home Page

Welcome to the home page of the Kitsune Clan.
Here you will find information about Kitsunes and
the Kitsune Clan of Furcadia.This page will give
comprehensive Kitsune information and the rules
for playing one within the clan.You will aslo find
information on joining the clan and a list of the
current clan members.



For information on joining and
the requirements to become a member


For a list of all current members


For all general information regarding
the clan.

Kitsune Game Reviews

Okay, if I have to explain this, then
what buisness do you have reading it?

Lynx's Furry Randomisms

These are the spiffy sparlies I occasionaly
fiddle arrond with. Feel free to poke
arround, but don't poke too hard or
I'll have to unleash some senesless
violence upon your unsuspecting
manicure! -Lynx