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Amauren, Jai's energetic and sometimes mischevious (ok...most of the time) Companion makes off with another of his posessions...and has been the case before, Jai puts everything he can into getting it back.
"Give that Back!" Artwork & Amauren Rachel Lair. Jai Shadowdancer character Todd F. McCloud

Welcome to the home page for the Furcadia Valdemar RPG, Valdemar, The Herald's Collegium.

We have tried to make a friendly role play environment for people who enjoy the works of Mercedes Lackey, and would like to create their own Herald, Bard, Companion, or whatnot. Our dream was crated with as much attention to the novels as possible, and yet still taking some artistic liberty to make it work for furcadia in a single dream. The FAQ and rules for conduct and play within the continuity were given as much attention to detail as possible, while still giving the aspect of freeform role play.

We value respect and good role playing skills above all else in our dream, and we ask first and foremost, that you read through our webpage and give others respect so that you may receive it in return. We ask you to please respect our rules and our continuity, and not do things to directly disturb either.

Valdemar RPG FAQ
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Artwork for our website is provided by Rachel Lain. All artwork is Rachel Lain, used with permission. Commisions are available. Please email elf-skinned-footlicker@comcast.net