I have based the spell system off of a six color element system.Those of you familiar with Chrono Cross will recognize the spells.I have based them off of that system temporarily(or maybe permenantly if it works well enough and we recieve positive feed back) to speed along the magic use and allow people to play magically endowed characters. If you have any comments or ideas feel free to send them to us.Our e-mail is on the Staff page.The magic rules are finally up. If you don't agree with them or you have an idea,please submit it to us. If you intend to use magic make SURE you read the magic and combat rules on the Rules page.

Spell Name Level Effect Description
Photon Ray 1 Single Foe Fires a beam of light at your opponet
Meteorite 2 Single Foe Drops a comet down on your foe's head
Photon Beam 3 Single Foe Bombards enemy with an extra powerful light beam
Meteor Shower 4 All Foes Hurls several large asteroids at foes
Holy Light 5 All Foes Casts holy cirle(annihilates undead)
Ultra Nova 6 All Foes Causes an explosion of high density energy
Revive 1 Single Ally Recovers a friend from an incapacitated state
Recover All 3 All Allies Heals all allies(light wounds)
Purify 4 Single Ally Removes all status effects(poison,disease,ect)
Full Revival 5 Single Ally Recovers a friend from an incapacitated state And fully heals them
Holy Healing 6 All Allies Fully heals all allies and removes any status abnormalities.
Uplift 1 Single Foe Cuts out and drops a block of stone on a foe
ElectroJolt 2 Single Foe Shocks foe with electrical discharge
Upheaval 3 Single Foe Spears foe with shards of shattered earth
ElectroBolt 4 Single Foe Hurls a lightning bolt down upon your enemy
Earthquake 5 All Foes Crush your foe beneath giant stone pillars
ThundaStorm 6 All Foes Causes a series of thunderbolts to occur
Bushwhacker 1 Single Foe Slices foe with a cloud of swirling leaves
Aero Saucer 2 Single Foe Throws blades of razor sharp air to slice foe
Bushbasher 3 Single Foe Encases foe in a cage of thorny vines
Aero Blaster 4 Single Foe Fires a sonic blast at your foe
Carnivore 5 All Foes A humongus venus fly trap attacks foes
Tornado 6 All Foes Causes a cyclone that batters your foes
Heal 2 Single Ally Heals light wounds
Antidote 2 Single Ally Cures poison
Heal All 4 All Allies Heals light wounds on all allies
Heal Plus 6 Single Ally Fully heals an ally
Aqua Beam 1 Single Foe Blasts foe with high pressure water stream
Ice Lance 2 Single Foe Hurls an ice spear at your enemy
Aqua Ball 3 Single Foe Hurls a large sphere of water at your opponent
Ice Blast 4 Single Foe Attack your foe with a blast of ice
Deluge 5 All Foes Inundicates enemies in a ice cold flood waters
Ice Storm 6 All Foes Hails large chunks of ice upon your foes
Cure 1 Single Ally Heals light wounds on a friend
Medicine 2 Single Ally Cures sicknesses
Cure Plus 3 Single Ally Heals light wounds on all allies
Cure All 5 All Allies Heals all wounds on a single ally
Fireball 1 Single Foe Hurls a sphere of fire at an opponent
Magma Bomb 2 All Foes Launches a volly of fire balls at opponents
Fire Pillar 3 Single Foe Burns enemy in a pillar of flame
Magma Burst 4 Single Foe Causes magma to gush out from beneath foe
Inferno 5 All Foes Heats the air around your foes to a burning temperature
Volcano 6 All Foes Induces a volcanic eruption
Gravity Blow 1 Single Foe Blasts foes with a ball of pure gravity
Gravitonne 3 All Foes Attack all foes with a massive blast of gravity
Free Fall 5 Single Foe Throws your opponent into the air
Revenge 5 Single Foe Shits all status ailments to your foe
Seal All 6 Everyone Nullifies ALL magic spells

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